Empathic Coaching (like S’mores)🙏🏾

Ya know how S’mores are like this bridge of marshmallow chocolate, connected by a more hardened graham cracker shore?

That’s what an empathy-session is like! Delicious, Toasty & Feel-Good.

Delicious: What’s more delicious than the emotional FREEDOM of being seen & heard (a little YOU time), and having your feelings reflected back, empathically? A graham cracker of ‘#EmpathicConnection‘ if you will.

Toasty: What’s more toasty than the heat that comes from emotional PROTECTION & conflict resolution? A little ‘#ConflictNavigation‘ chocolate, if ya feel me?

Feel-Good: Does anything feel better than emotional SAFETY? How about empathic meditation? Well that marshmallow is known as ‘#TensionRelaxation

Put ’em all together, and YOU get…an Empathic S’more.

(1) Empathic Connection [delicious]

(2) Conflict Navigation [toasty]

(3) Tension Relaxation [feel-good]

FREEDOM, PROTECTION, SAFETY (connection, navigation, relaxation… delicious, toasty, feel-good) … an empathy session (a magical hour of empathy by phone…or in-person…an Empathic S’more)😎

Nonviolent Empathy

Empathic Consulting

Empathy Sessions

“Together We Rise, Together We Fly…I’m Tony Scruggs, #TheEmpathyGuy” (Go 3-D today)😁