Empathic Consulting

Become a Badass Nonviolent Empathic Communicator🙏

“Learn a fun NEW way to get along with people you don’t get along with” 😎

Do you believe you could be a more effective communicator?

  • Do you occasionally feel challenged by trying to communicate with those who seem different to you?
  • Are you overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start, when it comes to learning about empathy (and how it applies to communication)?
  • Do you want to be more productive, more effective – in both your personal and professional lives?

Tony Scruggs is here to help. He can teach you Empathic Communication skills that you can use with everyone. He can help you cut down your stress and confusion by giving you tools to relate to others, clearly and effectively.

  • Become more accomplished – with the help of others.
  • Learn how to lead/respond with others in any situation.
  • Feel less stress and more JOY in your work and PLAY.

Learn how to communicate with anyone.

Tony has many techniques, tools and life skills to teach you. He is a coach and a consultant. And you are his STAR  PLAYER.

Tony has a playful, fun approach to his programs. You will laugh. You will enjoy the experience.


Tony coaches and consults in person or via phone. He works with individuals and groups of all sizes…

…and let’s make your tomorrow EXTRAORDINARY!

Download your eBook NOW😎



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