Why Empathy? Who Is The Empathy Guy?

Why Empathy?

Because empathy = independence (from minimization, dehumanization & demonization).

Because empathy is a heart tool that connects souls, and makes the art of communication easier.

Because ‘when we can touch someone’s heart…that’s LIMITLESS’ ~Steve Jobs

Who Is The Empathy Guy?

‘The Empathy Guy’ is a bridge-builder (head to heart), a tool-maker (empathic tools) & a verbal transformer (communication). He doesn’t believe in theft (or destruction of property), so he teaches people ‘how to prevent’ emotional vandalism & verbal larceny.

…if you want a safe way to deal with pain (yours & the pain of others). If you know the experience of disappointment, disconnection & despair. If the revolutionary adventure of reinventing communication calls to you. Then join the eTeam today!

‘escape violence. embrace empathy’ ~SiMBa

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