About Tony

Passionate | Positive | Predictable | Playful

Describing himself as a spiritual-being experiencing life as an American of African-Ancestry (with an athletically-professional pedigree), Tony Scruggs is a nonviolent-empathy coach/speaker and paradigm shifter! Tony incorporates nonviolent communication (NVC) & empathic listening skills with personal power & transformational vocabulary!

Why hire Tony?

Because he’s a ‘do/be expert’ with a psychology degree from Ucla! Because he’s a human variation specialist whose empathy training includes time in India with the Gandhi family! And because once upon a time he played major league baseball for the President of the United States (Oh yah, and he also gets great results)!

As the son of an LGBT father (also an NVC trainer) Tony grew up across the street from Stanford University, joined a fraternity at Ucla, played in the big leagues and has acted in movies & sports commercials. Tony brings the energy of an elite athlete, the empathy of his psych PhD Mother and the wisdom of his friend & mentor, @ArunMGandhi (yah, that Gandhi)

Some people make the current paradigm more effective and some make more effective paradigms! Tony does both and shares tools & philosophies (including group privilege, restorative justice & human variation) that like a true metaphysician focus on prevention & health! So don’t walk, dance to your device and bring Tony ‘The Empathy Guy’ to your team, your company, your relationship or your very special event 😉

#TheEmpathyGuy (Tony@TheEmpathyGuy.com)

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