10-Pack of LOVE & Empathy

Want to have the option of choosing a private Unity Session, a one-on-one Empathic Re-Languaging webinar or an UNLIMITED number of GUESTS for an Empathic Racial Healing ZOOM?🤗

What if I told you that you could have 10 of ANY combination of the 3, for 20% OFF until the end of the year?🙃

Would you grab a group of 99 co-workers & friends, and do TAO-EC (The Art Of Empathic Conversation)? Would you donate 1 of the 10 to a school (giving 100 children access to ‘9 Innings Of Empathic Fitness’)? Would you give a Unity Session to a loved one (who needed an hour of Empathic Listening)? Or might you & your partner go on a Love & Empathy adventure of discovery?💞

It’s a 10-Pack of LOVE & Empathy, and it’s all yours as we let the love shine through in 2022🙏🏾

*ah what the heck. Let’s throw in an extra one for FREE and make it 11 of ANY combination of ALL available OFFERINGS😉


10-Pack of LOVE & Empathy