Inclusive-Diversity (next level DEI)😎

At The Empathy Institute we believe that inclusion is a universal need, that diversity creates serendipity and that when both are applied EMPATHICALLY, synergy, equity & emotional-safety appear magically😊

When I was a 17 y/o freshman at Ucla, I joined a fraternity where 99% of the members had a lighter shade of brown than I did. But shade of brown is spectrum (not diversity). The diversity wasn’t in our physiologies, it was in our future & lived philosophies. And though I won’t give the whole thing away, let’s just say that my 1st week in the house someone said something to me that completely changed my present philosophy, FOREVER. That (& a hundred other times like it), is the kind of magic inclusive-diversity can bring to the table (plus, without it we become just another table leg)

Since ‘inclusion’ is a universal need (vs an action or a strategy), the only thing we need to do is figure out people’s actual strategies to meet that need (which becomes easy when we realize inclusion isn’t just an action unto itself)

Inclusive-Diversity (next level DEI)…on set, in school, in the boardroom & on ZOOM😎

‘If you’re not climbing, you’re sliding. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. If you’re not innovating, you’re stagnating’

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