We all want a little magic in our lives, right?

We all want a little (actually make that a lot of) consideration & respect in our lives too, right?

Q: Do you have a way to take care of yourself that’s joyful & fun for you?

Q: Do you have people in your life that you’d like to resolve conflict with?

Then let’s spread a little pixie dust in your direction, and hook you up with a VIP empathic healing/relaxation session today!

1st off, what is ‘nonviolent-empathy’?

A: nonviolent-empathy is the combination of ‘nonviolent communication’ and empathic listening.

Where nonviolent communication is a way of speaking that recognizes and acknowledges the feelings & needs of both the person we are talking to and ourselves.

…and empathic listening is a way of hearing people’s pain so that we can translate it into the language of the soul (feelings) & the language of the heart (emotional needs).

Example: Someone says ‘you never listen to me you inconsiderate bastard’.

Empathic Listening hears frustration and a longing for consideration & understanding.

Nonviolent Communication asks: ‘Are you feeling frustrated because your needs for consideration & understanding haven’t been met?’

…on top of that type of connection, nonviolent-empathy contributes wonderfully to your empathic fitness (the ability to connect, reflect and affect positive change in the body, mind & spirit)

empathic healing/relaxation sessions (EHRS…ears, get it?😎) are an amazing combination of:

(1) Deep Listening

(2) Deep Understanding

(3) Deep Relaxing

…one client told a friend, ‘Tony gives you verbal understanding, helps you release any tension you’re holding onto & then he empowers you with tools to deal with conflict conversations, in either a 30 minute or an hour long session’

Learn how to resolve conflict more effectively, say ‘no’ more confidently & compassionately and celebrate your own awesomeness with the joy of a little child feeding a hungry duck🙏

…discover a new way to be confident and compassionate…

…and let’s make nonviolent-empathy your NEW magic wand💜