Empathic Magic Sessions­čÖĆ

We all want a little magic in our lives right?

We all want consideration & respect too right?

Q: Do you get to take care of yourself in a way that’s fun for you?

Q: Do you have people in your life that you’d like to resolve conflict with?

Then let’s spread a little pixie dust in your direction­čśÄ#WordsAreMagic: Make┬áan appointment today for your very own Empathic Fitness Session:

30 minutes of dynamic exploration into

(1) Deep Listening

(2) Deep Understanding  &

(3) Deep Relaxing

Learn how to resolve conflict more effectively, say ‘no’ more compassionately and celebrate your own awesomeness with the joy of a little child feeding a hungry duck­čÖĆ

…discover a new way to be confident and compassionate by texting “Magic” to 44Empathy7 (aka 443-672-8497) or email┬áTony@TheEmpathyGuy.com and let’s make empathy your NEW magic wand­čĺť

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