Empathy Sessions (& Batting Lessons)

Understanding for YOU! Compassioning for them! Peace for us 😉

Whether you’re a Group, an Individual or a Charity organizer (wanting Swag for your bag), an Empathy Session fits the bill. In person, by phone or on screen, you get Comedy & Compassion, Empathy & Excellence! But most of all you get a reminder of your Awesomeness, through the lens of Mindfulness!

Tired of the drama? Exhausted by the conflict? Ready for Peace of Mind? Then text “I wanna JOIN #TeamBKAL” to “44Empathy7” and a Connection Angel will be @ your service shortly 😉 Be Cool & BKAL (Be Kind And Listen) ~SiMBa

*And if you happen to enjoy Baseball or Softball, I happen to know a thing or two about how to improve your swing *As he hears Shwing* What this means for you is more bat speed, more bat control and of course more POP (aka you’ll hit the ball farther than my former teammate Sammy Sosa *As he realizes he meant you’ll hear stories about his former teammate Sammy Sosa*…feel me?)