Todd Borandi is the author of a NEW offering titled ‘Awakening Self‘. He is a spiritual being experiencing life as an ‘Awakener’ (in relation to being a teacher) and his offering to the world ‘Awakening Self‘ is an exploration into empowering you to inquire from within.
Todd offers you a road map of Q’s and options in an effort to not only raise your individual consciousness, but as a result raise the collective consciousness of team-humanity🙏
Todd shares his ‘Awakening Self‘ philosophy along with three awesome takeaways that you can use today to quiet your mind, focus on your breathing and be the observer to your thinker (ie you get to remember who you really are and release attachment to distractions & labels).
The conversation took an interesting twist at the end but I’ll let you discover that on your own journey to self-awareness😎You can connect with Todd on Facebook and YouTube. You can also find his work here ➡ Todd’s website

Come hang out with us on the True North House Facebook page.

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