‘The Key Of E Mystery Tour’

…what’s empathy got to do with it?

That’s both the fundamental question and the funkalicious subtitle (🎵What’s Empathy Got To Do With It?🎵…can you hear Tina Turner?)

So now that you know the fundamental question, what the E is the life-serving answer? Well on the surface ‘Empathy’ is the ‘E’ in “The Key Of E!” Underneath the surface though lies the key to unlocking the heart & soul mystery 😉

At the Empathy Institute we believe that feelings are the language of the soul and that emotional needs are the language of the heart, and that when we share our heart & soul connection is inevitable!

So we address these questions to the ladies:

(1) Do you want to know what the men in your life are really feeling?

(2) Do you really want to know the BIG reasons the men in your life do what they do and how to talk about it?

…if so then ‘Speak In #TheKeyOfE‘ is the presentation for you 😉

Delivered by a spiritual being experiencing life as an American male of African-Ancestry, Tony Scruggs brings it with the discipline of an athlete, the creativity of an artist and the empathy of his Psych PhD goddess mother (RIP).

During our time together you will become excellent at:

(1) Resolving conflict

(2) Saying ‘no’ with compassion &

(3) Celebrating your own awesomeness with the joy of a little child feeding a hungry duck.

…if any of those things sound interesting to you then gather your favorite women together and send a digital boomerang to Dyan Diamond and let’s get this E party started🙏

See ya soon💜