*The Empathic Mantra

“Empathy is Hearing what people are Feeling, and Seeing what people are Needing!” ~Marshall Rosenberg

Recently, someone asked me what to say to a friend/loved one, who’s in a conflict situation! After some Empathy for them, I suggested how to invite their friend/loved one, to see both sides! Their response was “You need to write this down (1) Because it will help other people & (2) Because I need it for me”

Thanks to that person, I introduce you to your very own Empathic Mantra! Ready to Transform the World? Have FUN πŸ˜‰

#TheEmpathicMantra <– Click Here

"All Communication is a Please or a Thank You, with a request for Connection or Action" ~SiMBa

How will you share the gift of Empathy today?

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