The 9 Innings Of Empathic Fitness

Ya know how during the ‘7th Inning Stretch’ of baseball, people sing ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’? Well in this youth edition of ‘nonviolence for communication’ (aka NVC, or nonviolent communication), we sing, dance & celebrate the moment as well⚾️

What moment? The moment that the possibility of a new way of connecting floods the body. The moment a participant is seen & heard for the 1st time. The moment that someone self-empathizes, and is changed forever.

The ‘9 Innings Of Empathic Fitness’ is a SiMBa (spirit, mind & body) experience, that bridges you to empathic connection, by way of nonviolence for communication.

Have you ever wanted to get out of your head (& occupy your heart)? Then check-out The Nine😎

“The same level of thinking that has gotten you to where you are today, will not get you to where you want to go, tomorrow” ~Albert Einstein

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