Survivor Empathy Sessions

I’m an ally, an empathy-coach, a member of a fraternity & a former professional athlete.

After watching Dr. Christine Blasey Ford offer vulnerability, heartfelt details & expertise (at the hearing), I wanted to make available ‘Survivor Empathy Sessions’ for anyone who:

•Needs to be seen, heard & understood, for their experience, without blame or criticism.

•Would like an empathic ally who’s been in the arena, and can both connect & do empathic role-work.

•Longs for mind & body tools that will release, heal & empower (with gender group-privilege insight).

If you’d like some peace of mind (& the ‘joy of being’ is something that has been elusive), schedule your personal ‘Survivor Empathy Session’ as soon as you’re ready, and may we be the change, one session at a time🙏

*Also, I’m on the #MeTooMarch2018 planning committee, if you are interested in participating, supporting or attending this year’s event?!?💜

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