Mindful Empathy

#MindfulEmpathy is the combination of NVC (#NonViolentCommunication) and TV (Transformational Vocabulary)πŸ™

What is NVC?

It’s a 3 part (head to heart) way of speaking where we can talk to almost anyone about almost anything. It protects us from hearing things as a criticism and prevents others from hearing criticism from us😎




“Hey sweetie? What do you predict needs to happen in order for us to leave in 20 minutes? I really want to start our adventure as soon as possible”

What’s TV (Transformational Vocabulary)?

It’s where we come up with the most compassionate, dignified & empowering labels to go along with the intent of NVC (guessing what people are feeling and guessing what people are needing)


Human Beings are shades of the same ONE color (Brown) right? And ‘race’ is the entirety not the variety, right? So in the spirit of “accentuate the unity before celebrating the diversity” I consider myself an American of African-Ancestry.

Being called a color other than brown or putting my American born status 2nd isn’t the most compassionate, dignified & empowering choice to me, ya see?


Mindful Empathy month is the celebration of Transformational Vocabulary and Nonviolent Communication becoming a way to resolve conflict, say ‘no’ with compassion, receive gratitude lovingly and support nonbullying! If you want to see a world where kind talk is 1st and trash talk is worst then use the tag #MindfulEmpathy all month & grab your personal copy of Excellence Off The Field

Btw, how are you feeling today (spiritually, mentally and physically)? I feel spiritually: grateful, physically: cheerful and mentally I’m fired up for my next Mindful Empathy Coaching Call (have you scheduled yours yet?) πŸ˜‰

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