You’ve just responded to a “Leading With Compassion” Call To Action. Now what?

1st thank you for being here & for #BeingTheChange. 2nd Our mission is to share the art of Compassionate Communication. 3rd if you believe in our message (that #LoveCompassionAndEmpathy is a doable possibility) then join #TeamBKAL and let’s change the World #OneWordAtATime 😉 Would you like to see more #BeKindAndListen on the planet?


Here are your three FREE gifts (Btw, when my NEW book ‘#ExcellenceOffTheField‘ comes out next month, we will add that too):

(1) Wanna know how to say “no” so someone hears it as a gift? Say what prevents you from saying “Yes!” Yep you read right (Say what prevents you from saying “Yes.”)

e.g., Friend: Can ya help me move?
You:  A previous commitment prevents me from saying Yes 😉

(2) Here’s your FREE PlayShop (eCourse) <- 4 Hidden Success Secrets to Jump-Start Your Life.

(3) Wanna talk to anyone about anything? Remember this LWC mantra/shortcut: " #BridgeTheGAP over BAD FISH RIVER”

[G]uess what they’re feeling
[A]sk ’em if they’re feeling what you’re guessing
[P]ause on judging answer, and go back to “G”

Feelings (Baffled, Agitated, Distressed, Frustrated, Irritated, Sad, Hurt = BAD FISH)

Needs (Respect, Inclusion, Validation, Empathy, Reassurance = RIVER)

e.g., “Are you feeling Frustrated because your need for Respect wasn’t met by what your friend said? Are you needing some reassurance that you’re Cared for?”