It’s TRICK-e (transforming racism into connection & kindness, empathically)

When I was 8 years old my uncle (who happens to be an anthropologist) asked me if my Montessori teacher had introduced me to ‘human-variation’ yet. My reply was ‘no dude…I’m 8’. He laughed and responded, ‘human-variation is the scientific term that we mis-refer to as ‘race’. Because ‘race’ is the entirety…not the variety (that’s human variation’)😎

Then he invited me to put two things in my wisdom knapsack. (1) that human beings are shades of the same one color [brown], from the lightest variation to the highest one around. And (2) the concept of ‘race’ is social/political [not biological], and that the hierarchy prevents connection (& promotes separation)🌎

Since some wounds are visible, and some wounds are only visible to the empathic eye, I decided to transform pain into power, and create an empathic immersion (experiential transfer) called Transforming Racism Into Connection & Kindness, empathically (aka It’s TRICK-e)πŸ’œ

It’s TRICK-e is a four quarter adventure that takes you on a journey from ‘Police, Purses & Politics’ to ‘Empathy, Healing & Unity’ (with stops along the way at ‘Labels, Language & Lenses’ and ‘Flags, Football & Statues’)🏈

…if you want to have a nonviolent empathic conversation about human-variation. If you want to take all the judgment out of our historical disconnection. If you’re not sure what needs to change, but you are sure why we need to change (AND you wanna be the change you wish to see in the world), join team TRICK-e (& become an empathic warrior), todayπŸ¦‹