It’s TRICK-e (transforming racism into connection & kindness, empathically)

When I was 8 y/o my uncle (who happens to be an anthropologist) asked me if my 4th grade teacher had introduced me to ‘human-variation’ yet. My reply was ‘no dude…I’m 8’. He laughed and responded ‘human-variation is the term that academicians (remember I’m 8) use, to describe the differences between people (vs race)’😎

Then he invited me to put two things in my wisdom knapsack. (1) that human beings are shades of the same one color [brown], from the lightest variation to the highest one around. And (2) the concept of ‘race’ is social/political [not biological], and that the hierarchy prevents connection (& promotes separation)🌎

Since some wounds are visible, and some wounds are only visible to the empathic eye, I decided to transform pain into power, and create an empathic immersion (experiential transfer) called Transforming Racism Into Connection & Kindness, empathically (aka TRICK-e)πŸ’œ

TRICK-e is a four quarter adventure that takes you on a journey from ‘Police, Purses & Politics’ to ‘Empathy, Healing & Unity’ (with stops along the way at ‘Labels, Language & Lenses’ and ‘Flags, Football & Statues’)🏈

…if you want to have an empathic conversation about human-variation. If you want to take all the judgment out of our historical disconnection. If you’re not sure what needs to change, but you are sure why things need to change (& you wanna be the change you wish to see in the world), join team TRICK-e (& become an empathic warrior), todayπŸ¦‹