#EmbraceAmbition ‘Time’s Up’

Did you know that almost 5000 people have been helped out by the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund? Did you know that #TimesUp is helping to create safe, respected, dignified workplaces (where everyone is able to reach their fullest potential)?

In this brief video (facilitated by @TinaTchen, the CEO of Time’s Up), @GretchenCarlson talks about the ‘Secret Chamber’, the ‘Bill On The Hill’ (H.R. 1443) & changing the mindset of the ‘Eventual Man’

@AshleyJudd talks about the ‘Man Box’, MLK, the idea that ‘the bucks stops atop’ & the peaceful rallying cry of the Bonobos (nobody has the right to hurt my sister…and they’re all my sisters)

‘We are in a fundamentally transformational moment…& the floodgates have not stopped. We can truly shift gender norms, truly shift culture & truly build workplaces worthy of women’ ~Tina Tchen

“Together We Rise, Together We Fly” ~Tony Scruggs ‘#TheEmpathyGuy‘ (proud teammate of our team-humanity sisters)