empathic healing/relaxation🙏

Do me a favor and repeat the words ’empathic relaxation’ three times😎You may not know what empathic relaxation is yet, but don’t you get a sense from the words just how awesome it is?

If you’re familiar with Simon Sinek, you may recognize this: ‘People aren’t inspired by what you do. People are inspired by WHY you do what you do!’ So in honor of my mother, I would like to tell you WHY this former pro athlete turned actor turned trauma-informed empathy-coach, wants to share empathic relaxation (& empathic healing) with you:

(1) Because I want to make life more awesome for you, and I believe that empathic healing/relaxation tools will do that.

(2) Because I want to honor the life and legacy of my psych PhD mom, who gifted me with the creativity of an artist, the discipline of an athlete & the compassion of an empathic warrior [strong, kind, brave & present]💜

What Is Empathic Relaxation?

Empathic Relaxation is where you learn how to use empathy as a tool to deal with conflict conversations, while simultaneously learning how to release any other tensions you might be holding onto around those conflicts.

Say it with me, ’empathic relaxation, empathic relaxation, empathic relaxation’ (now write it down somewhere)

Example: You’re a dude with gender & ethnic group-privilege, and all of a sudden the cultural default setting has been obliterated.

…you get empathic tools like ‘nonviolent communication’ & ’empathic immersion’ (experiential transfer), so that you can FINALLY have a conversation with your fellow members of team-humanity about how you feel, and a VISCERAL understanding around how they feel & what it’s like to be them!

…then, after all that heavy lifting, you get to come back to (or discover for the 1st time) the peace of mind that comes from truly releasing all mental, emotional & physical tension from your body.

(some of the ‘let go’ jewels include power breath tapping, mindful state shifting & empathic meditation)

So if the idea of ’empathic relaxation’ speaks to your heart & soul, and you’re ready to use empathy (understanding emotions & motivations) as a tool to help make your life more awesome, schedule an ER session or an ER group presentation, and let’s make empathic relaxation our NEW intention!?!

Schedule an appointment today…

…and let’s make life more awesome…together🙏

“Together We Rise, Together We Fly”