Empathic Coaching🙏

Ya know how a chiropractor brings your body back to balance & equilibrium? What would the emotional & spiritual equivalent of equilibrium & balance be?

How does an empathic adjustment sound?

How would you like the emotional FREEDOM of being seen, heard & understood (a little YOU time), and have your feelings reflected back, empathically? Let’s call that ‘#EmpathicConnection

How would you like the emotional PROTECTION of conflict management, conflict prevention & conflict resolution? Does the term ‘#ConflictNavigation‘ make sense?

How does the idea of emotional SAFETY by way of empathic meditation, feel? Wanna join me in calling that ‘#TensionRelaxation‘?

Put ’em all together, and YOU get…an empathic-adjustment.

(1) Empathic Connection

(2) Conflict Navigation

(3) Tension Relaxation

FREEDOM, PROTECTION, SAFETY (connection, navigation, relaxation) … an empathic adjustment (a magical hour of empathy by phone…or in-person…an eJustment). Are you ready for three-dimensional empathy (language, action & the need we all have to be seen, heard & understood)?😎

Nonviolent Empathy

Empathic Consulting

Empathy Sessions

“Together We Rise, Together We Fly…I’m Tony Scruggs, #TheEmpathyGuy” (Go 3-D today)😁