​The eBook Is Here🙏

When you hear that the book ‘Excellence Off The Field’ is a self-help memoir, do you think to yourself “I have no idea what that means Tony?”😎

No worries, ‘self-help memoir’ means two things:

(1) It means that ‘Excellence Off The Field’ will empower you to think empathically, and then use that magic, verbally [aka empathic communication].

(2) It means that you’ll get to resolve conflict & celebrate your own awesomeness, through the lens of a young man’s journey from Montessori to mindful empathy. With stops along the way @Ucla, the Major Leagues and India with the Gandhi family.

So if you’re ready to combine comedy with compassion and empathy with excellence, then climb aboard the SiMBa (spirit, mind & body) train and let’s do this😎

eBook: click here

Paperback: click here

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